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Science-writing competition

As scientists, we are not usually skilled in writing popular science describing our research work and achievements. Although we are aware that informing the general public on the research supported by public money is important and useful and even though we are often proud of our achievements, we hardly speak about them outside of our professional circles. 

We believe that behind scientific results, on which we briefly report at conferences and in science journals, using strictly professional language, there are, many interesting stories to tell. For this reasons “Science on the Street” is pleased to announce its science-writing competition and invites researchers from all scientific fields to submit a short story about their own research work. Why not share with us your own Eureka moment or tell us about  what we don't know and explain what we didn't understand.  

Submission guidelines are as follows:

Entries should be aimed at a non-specialist audience interested in science; written at a level that an interested member of the public could understand.

It should have an engaging title.  Maximum character count including title is 4000 with spaces, with a maximum of one figure.

Each author may submit up to two contributions. In the case of more than one author, the writer should be clearly identified (underlined).

Name(s), affiliation and e-mail address should be given.

Entries in either Word or PDF format must be submitted by 1st March, 2015, by e-mail to, subject: ZnC-Story.


The main selection criterion will be based on achieving a good balance between the following:

Interesting story (originality and creativity)
Understandable language

The results of the contest will be published at and prizes awarded on the occasion of the first lecture in the 5th Cycle of “Science on the Street”.

The best five contributions will receive:

1st: 100 euro + T-shirt with words “ZnC Science-writer” 
2nd-5th: T-shirt with the words “ZnC Science-writer”

For more information please send an e-mail to:


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