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About the project

“Science on the Street, Knowledge and Ideas on the go” is a voluntary project devoted to the promotion of science in Slovenia.

It is a series of popular lectures on science that take place in the evenings at public places – galleries, cafes, and the squares in Ljubljana. The event has been launched with the aim to improve public awareness about the achievements and challenges related to science in Slovenia.

Under the umbrella of the Slovenian Academic Society for Science and Engineering (SATENA) the “Science on the Street” team organises short scientific lectures given by invited scientists, who, in discussion with invited journalists from various media (Radio, TV and newspaper), present interesting achievements and research across a wide range of scientific areas that are important for improving the economy and well-being. The lectures (in the form of a conversation) are followed by a discussion with the public. The events are recorded and published them at and YouTube as well as audio podcast.

The project started in Spring 2013, when the City’s Gallery Kresija opened its doors to science. In May and June we realised the 1st cycle in which we learned a lot. In autumn 2013 we started the 2nd cycle with a lecture in the frame of European Researcher’s Night and moved in the Café Grand Hotel Union. In 2017 we spread the event from the capitol also to other Slovenian cities.

We just finished the 9th cycle. We believe that the concept is great, but we keep thinking about how to further improve the events. You are kindly invited to give us any suggestions (

There are a few “add-ons” that shouldn’t be overlooked. Recently, we started a Blog (in Slovene), where researchers write about their work in non-professional language, understandable and interesting for the general public. Moreover, we publish contests for the best science story, poetry, image, video or idea. And, no, that’s not all! We have many more ideas that will be realized soon. Just stay tuned! :-)

PS: All the previous events are recorder and available at and as Podcast wtih open access. However, as the primary audience is Slovenian public, all the lectures (as well as blogs) are only in Slovenian language. We are very sorry for not being able to provide you with the translations (yet).

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